Collaborative Working to Make More Effective Use of ICT

The benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are significant for voluntary and community sector organisations (VCOs).However, it can equally pose major problems, particularly for small to medium sized VCOs, because of the high costs of accessing expertise. Without this, organisations cannot realise the potential of ICT, develop effective systems, or maintain them efficiently.
ICT is part of everyday life for voluntary and community sector organisations (VCOs) of all sizes. It touches every aspect of running an organisation from accounting, communications and marketing, to office procedures and networking dispersed teams in the field.However,with greater reliance on ICT comes a greater need for effective support. It is important to consider not just technical support (for when things go wrong) but all aspects of ICT support including:
  • Procurement and purchasing decisions
  • Staff and volunteer training
  • Security
  • Strategic planning

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the short command save my keystrokes but don't save my brain

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